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Dr. Kazi Iqbal

Senior Research Fellow


Kazi Iqbal received his Ph.D. in economics from University of Washington, Seattle, USA in 2006. After completion of his Ph.D. he worked for World Bank Institute in Washington DC for three years as a consultant in Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Division. He also taught at University of Washington and Macalester College, Minnesota. His research interest lies in macroeconomics, development economics and applied econometrics. He has publications in internationally reputed journal such as Journal of Public Economic Theory, Climate Change Economics, Developing Economies, PlosOne, Demographic Research, BMC Public Health, etc. He is an associate editor of Journal of Bangladesh Studies and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Lahore Journal of Economics.

CV of Dr. Kazi Iqbal : Download

Area of Specialization

Primary: Macroeconomics, Development Economics

Secondary: Financial Economics, Applied econometrics 


Journal Articles


·         "Formal vs. Informal Seeds: Adoption and Productivity Differences" Revised and resubmitted, Bangladesh Development Studies. [with K. A. Toufique]


·         "A Puzzling Stylized Fact about the Term Structure of Credit in the Banking Industry of Bangladesh",Volume 17, No. 12016, Journal of Bangladesh Studies. [with M. G. Mortaza]


·         "Is There Any Threshold in the Relationship between Mother's Education and Child Health? Evidence from Nigeria" Vol. 54 (3), 2016, Developing Economies, Institute of Development Economies, Japan. [with M. Ahmed]


·         "Are Decentralized Governments More Effective in Mitigating Disaster Risks?" Vol. 38 (3), 2016, Bangladesh Development Studies. [with M. Ahmed]


·         "Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from Panel Data of Bangladesh" Journal of Developing Areas, Tennessee State University, College of Business, vol. 49(6) pages 89-101, 2015. [with A. Siddique]


·         "Climate Change, Migration and Agriculture: Evidence from Bangladesh" Climate Change Economics. World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. Vol. 6(2), 2015. [with P. K. Roy]


·         "How Competitive is the NGO-MFI Market?" Journal of Bangladesh Studies, Vol. 16, Number 1 & 2, 2014


·         "Commercial Banks' Investment in Capital Market and its Impact on Private Sector Credit" , Bangladesh Development Studies, Volume 37, No. 3, 2014 [with A. Islam]


·         "Gender Differential in Timing of Measles Vaccination in Rural India",  Demographic Research, Vol. 30, 1825-1848, 2014 [with Rammohan, A.,  Awofeso, N]


·         "Reducing Neonatal Mortality in India: Critical Role of Access to Emergency Obstetric Care", PLoS ONE, 8, 3., 2013 [with Rammohan, A., Awofeso, N]


·         "Age-appropriate vaccination against measles and DPT-3 in India – closing the gaps", BMC Public Health, 13, 358, 2013 [with Rammohan, A., Awofeso, N]


·         "Mis-targeting and Mis-using Microcredit in Livestock Development Project in Bangladesh: Some Issues, Concerns and Lessons" Bangladesh Development Studies, Vol 34 (2)., 2011 [with K. A. Toufique, and M. Hossain]


·         "Intergenerational Allocation of Public Spending, Externalities and Optimal Taxation" Journal of Public Economic Theory, Vol. 10, Issue 1., 2008 [with S. Turnovksy]

Book chapter

·         "Dynamics of Regional Poverty and Real Wages: Policy Implications for Development Interventions" in Davine J. et al. edited, Extreme Poverty, Growth and Inequality in Bangladesh, Practical Action Publishing, UK, 2016 [with S. Alam]


·         "Small and Micro Enterprise (SME) Development in Bangladesh", Sixth Five Year Plan of Bangladesh 2011-2015 Background Papers Volume 4, Chapter 5, 2012 Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies and Planning Commission of Bangladesh. [with F. Munshi and S. Andalib]


·         "Implications of Excessive Public Borrowing from the Banking Sector" in State of the Economy 2000, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies.

Working Paper/Under submission

"The Impact of Formal Banking Services on Poverty Reduction: Evidence from Sub-district Level Data from Bangladesh" [with P.K. Roy and A. Iqbal]

"Political Strike and its Impact on Trade: Evidence from Bangladeshi Transaction-Level Export Data" IGC Working Paper, International Growth Center, LSE, UK, 2015 [with Ahsan, R]

"Corruption in Health Sector: Evidence from Unofficial Consultation Frees in Bangladesh" IZA Discussion Papers 9270, Institute for the Studies of Labor (IZA), Germany, 2015 [with W. Abdallah and S. Chowdhury]

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