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The Publication Section publishes books, journals, policy briefs, monographs, and other reports for promoting a wide dissemination of BIDS research activities and findings. The Section, with equipment to meet the Institute's publishing requirements, also provides sales services to its local and foreign customers and promotes BIDS publication through complimentary and exchange programs. The BIDS publications have wide circulation amongst researchers, policymakers and the general readers.

BIDS Publications

BIDS publishes two regular journals, one in English and the other in Bangla. Occasional publications include books, policy briefs, research monographs, research reports, project reports, and working papers.


The Bangladesh Development Studies (BDS) is the quarterly journal of the Institute. This is published in English. It enjoys international reputation and is currently in its 35th years of publication. The BDS carries research articles, notes, and book reviews by BIDS researchers as well as by national and international scholars.

The Bangladesh Unnayan Samikkhya (BUS) is published annually in Bangla. It contains articles, notes, and book reviews. It is widely read by students and researchers as well as by people of different walks of life interested in development issues.


Some research works of BIDS and other researchers are published in the form of books. Some books take the form of annual reviews of the Bangladesh economy.

Policy Briefs

Policy briefs aim at disseminating policy loaded research results to the policy makers and other relevant stakeholders.  

Research Monographs

Research Monographs are published having focus on specific areas of study undertaken by the Institute.

Research Reports

Research Reports are mimeographed papers, which are often a part of, or lead to, a larger BIDS study.

Project Reports

Project reports, published by BIDS, contain the findings of research projects pursued by the Institute.

The Bangladesh Development Studies Volume XXXVII December 2014 Num. 4 The Bangladesh Development Studies Volume XXXVII September 2014 Num. 3 The Bangladesh Development Studies Volume XXXVII March-June 2014 Num. 1&2
Policy Brief
Internal Seminar
A seminar was held at BIDS on January 6, 2015 on a completed research project titled "Land Market Survey in Eight Mouzas in Shibchar Upazila under Madaripur District for Determining the Current Market Price of Land Acquired for Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project". Dr. Abdul Hye Mondal and Dr. M.K. Mujeri made the presentation.
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